Products PJ-30VT (Variable Volume)

■ PJ-saving system (Patented high-performance & less consumables filtration system.)
■ Setting multi pressure by touch panel.
■ Energy saving about 40%.
■ Water base coolant, oil ratio 1%.


Company Profile

PolarJet CNC Solutions Inc. specializes in High Pressure Coolant System development and manufacture, we provide the solutions for the difficult-to-cut manufacturing problem with safety, cost-saving and competitive enhancement for the domestic and foreign customers.



PolarJet insists on Perfection and Responsibility of our Quality.
Three commitments on our Product Quality:

  1. All PolarJet products are fully tested and tried run before shipment.
  2. PolarJet uses high quality components to assemble HPC products to ensure our reliability and durability.
  3. PolarJet always operates according to our customers' requirements.
With the development of industrial automation, speed-up and intelligentization, the application of High Pressure Coolant System is more and more important. By aiming concentrated coolant flow at the cutting point to reduce the heat rapidly and penetrate the vapor barrier, which increase tool life, improve cutting surface accuracy, and reduce burrs.