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PJ-30VT (Variable Volume)

■ PJ-saving system (Patented high-performance & less consumables filtration system.)
■ Innovative intelligent HMI touch panel:
        → Provide instant message and alarm historic records.
        → Setting multi pressure by touch panel.
        → Auto maintenance reminder.
■ Outlet pressure detect, to avoid waterless.
■ Energy saving more than 40%.
■ Water base coolant, oil ratio 1%.
■ Small aperture machining.


Fluid Type

Water base coolant, Oil base coolant

(Viscosity 15-32cst)

Control Panel

HMI touch panel

Max working pressure

70 Bar / 1000 PSI

140 Bar / 2000 PSI

Max flow rate

30 Liter/min

24 Liter/min

Number of ports

1 (Standard)

4 (Standard)


5µ Single Filter (Filter Bag)

Tank capacity

140 Liter

Dimension (D*W*H)

1271 x 550 x 1320 mm


345 kg

(1.) 2-8 ports outlet

(2.) Oil chiller

(3.) Dual filters

(4.) Gundrill pressure detector

(5.) Anti-foaming device

(6.) Centrifugal filtration

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