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HIGH PRESSURE COOLANT SYSTEMS serve as customers for metal cutting, machine tools such as swiss lathes, lathes, machining centers, CNC machines and turning machines. Using the HIGH PRESSURE COOLANT SYSTEM, focusing and penetrating the vapor barrier through the cutting coolant, reducing the high temperature while cutting the workpieces, improving the tool life and the surface accuracy of the workpieces which may reducing the finishing process of deburring.
HIGH PRESSURE COOLANT SYSTEM can hit the cutting point effectively, which may chip control (good efficiency in chip breaking, reduce the long stringy chips occur), cutting tools life extendable, tools cost saving, improve the production efficiency. The innovative product PJ-20V0 by POLARJET is equipped with a patented high-efficiency low-consumption system, with intelligent HMI interface, the function of the tools and machines history record, setting M-codes with stepless in the touch screen panel, and the periodical maintenance reminder; energy-saving frequency design, average power saving more than 40%, total pressure protection which may avoid waterless processing, PJ-20V0 can be installed under the bar feeder that can save space.